Tips for Communicating about Marketing

While managing a brand, you may find yourself researching marketing strategies more than doing actual marketing work. As a marketer, you may find yourself explaining things about the strategies that should be implemented more often and more frequently than actually implementing them.

Marketing is complicated. It’s complicated by having several areas, including traditional avenues like print marketing and direct mail and digital avenues like social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Marketing is also complicated by being part science and part art. The science part is constantly changing and becoming increasingly technical. And naturally, it can be hard to put a finger on what’s working on the art side of things.

Whether you’re just embarking upon a marketing career, or you’re a seasoned marketing consultant, or you’re an experienced brand manager, it’s never too late or too much to think about communication when it comes to marketing.

As a consultant, whether you work for a company (because your employer can also consult you) or whether you’re part of an agency, communication is a big part of the job.

Strategizing with Others

When it comes to strategy, including but not limited to marketing strategy, collaborating with others hinges greatly on communication. Whether you’re creating marketing reports for your higher-ups at your company or you’re formulating the marketing strategy for a client, communication is the majority of the job of strategizing, and it can be difficult at times.

One way to make it easier to communicate about marketing strategies is to build and maintain a library of your favorite marketing resources. Having a library of marketing resources at your disposal allows you to quickly and easily help others with marketing questions.

Whether or not you already have a library of marketing resources to help others, you may notice gaps in what’s available and what people need help with. Creating content to address problems and questions that lack coverage is an excellent way to reach others with marketing strategies and be a strategic resource.

Technical Difficulties

Marketing is constantly evolving and becoming more technical. Having a library of marketing resources to share with others is even more effective because the resources in your library can be the best way to convey understanding about marketing complexities.

The technical aspects of marketing can also be more difficult to understand. You can address this difficulty by having resources ready to share with newbies to marketing technology or having trouble understanding technical concepts.

Improving Communication About Marketing

Because maintaining a library of marketing resources that you find helpful for others enables you to quickly and easily help others, you’ll find that it’s a good way to better communicate with others about marketing.

But the most effective way to improve communication about marketing is simple, but not easy. And that’s to do more of it. You can seek out more opportunities to communicate with others about marketing and/or create more opportunities. It’s a practice.

The key to improving your communication about marketing is to listen and to understand. You should approach conversations about marketing to understand better the problems and questions that others have. With that kind of understanding, you can find and share answers to those questions and problems, which helps the person you’re communicating with and others with similar questions and problems.

When you seek a deeper understanding of the problems and questions that others have about marketing, you’re also better prepared to answer those questions or address those problems the next time they arise in your conversations about marketing.

Communication is a big part of marketing strategy. It’s never a bad thing to think more about this communication. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication about marketing strategies, we hope you found this article helpful.

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