Innovate Raleigh Summit 2018 Recap (Part 1/3)

The Rustbrook team had the pleasure of attending Innovate Raleigh Summit 2018. The Summit brings together a lot of creative and innovative minds to discuss the future of the Triangle with regard to entrepreneurship and inclusion.

We attended a few sessions and wanted to share a few things that we learned:

Morning Keynote with Arlan Hamilton

The main event of the morning was the keynote with Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital. It was more of an interview than a speech, and it was great. Arlan recounted her life experiences that led her to where she is today.

Image Courtesy of Fast Company

On Fame

When asked how things are different for her post-Fast Company cover, Arlan joked (but seriously, though) about how people magically call her back now, where before she had issues getting in contact with people.

I took this as a subtle reminder to treat people well, if for no other reason than you never know how your paths will cross in the future.

On Diversity

I loved some of Arlan’s takes on diversity. One part that stuck out to me was the way she acknowledged the business value of diversity, in that hiring for different backgrounds and perspectives is a competitive edge to your business.

Another of her takes that stuck with me: one of Arlan’s quotes from the morning keynote that I remember was: “Diversity isn’t about getting your way, it’s about getting your say.” I love how this reminds the listener that having diverse backgrounds and perspectives in your company isn’t a threat to business, and at the same time reminds you to heed those perspectives.

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