What is Growth Marketing?

One of the things that makes us different is our approach to marketing. We identify as growth marketers. But what does that mean? This article breaks down what growth marketing means to us.

We define growth marketing as:

Employing strategies across all of your sales and marketing functions to attract more engaged customers.

The Entire Funnel

For us, being growth marketers means paying attention to the entire marketing/sales funnel. Sales and marketing functions are too often kept separate. We treat them as if they’re one and the same.

Right now, we’re focused on digital channels. So, minding the entire funnel often means considering everything from the time a new visitor lands at your website, to (and beyond) the time they make a repeat purchase from you, and everything in between.

Gaining the high-level view that growth marketing requires can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and manage. But we believe that keeping tabs on the big picture like this is part of the right way to handle marketing.


We also define our flavor of growth marketing to be strongly data-driven. We believe that an objective view backed up by concrete data is essential to effectively execute growth marketing strategies.

Without a data-driven approach to your sales & marketing strategies, we believe it’s impossible to reliably produce positive results for your business.

As we perform client work, and as we build products, we seek to back up marketing ideas and decisions with data. There are reasons why more leading marketing agencies are becoming more data-driven in their work. Not only is being data-driven more effective, it’s becoming more and more necessary in an increasingly competitive and complex digital marketing world. It also helps us be accountable for our work and for the quality of our products.


To us, being growth marketers also means considering the business and all of its functions as one entity, and seeking as much cohesion between business functions as possible.

If one of your key sales/marketing functions is producing little to no results, it can cripple your entire sales stream.

This philosophy is a flavor of what has been coined as holistic marketing, and we believe it to be a necessary part of growth marketing in general.

Even when you assess where you business’s sales and marketing currently stands, you want to look at all of your sales and marketing functions. Your business’s sales stream is it’s lifeblood, and that stream is a product of many of your sales and marketing functions. If one of your key sales/marketing functions is producing little to no results, it can cripple your entire sales stream.

Marketing decisions should not be made in a vacuum, separate from your core business. Unfortunately, this separation can happen, and does often happen. The promotion of your products and services is best done alongside the actual execution of your business activities.

Overall, to us, growth marketing is a flavor of marketing that considers your entire business, all of your sales and marketing functions, and pays attention to data when promoting your products and services.